Founders Story


Hi! We are Mark and Beth and we are trained health practitioners. We met each other while working together in a big corporate clinic.  We both suffered from the usual headaches that come with those types of clinics, so we set out to build our own thing. All we knew is that we wanted to be valued, be truly collaborative and be our own rule makers. We rented a good sized single room clinic where we could start this journey. The risks were high and the stress was often too much. We had to build every thing from scratch, make intake forms, develop consent forms, get legal advice, build systems, learn billing, figure out accounts receivable, set-up Jane app, follow up on payments, bookkeeping and so much more.  We had to do all this while trying to build a caseload, learn to market and 'sell' ourselves and keep balanced in our personal lives. We reminded ourselves that we got in to our industry to be altruistic and help people achieve success in their personal lives through rehabilitation and caring. We realized our goal to help our patients was the same as our goal to help other practitioners have what we have, which is a great work/life balance and a renewed love for all aspects of our working lives and from this life & balance health colleKtive was born.