Our ColleKtive Service

Virtual Reception

telephone, texting and email communication personalized to your business

Covid-19 Screens

JANE formatting and setup of pre-appointment screening questionnaires for staff & patients

Insurance Billing

injury claims submission & pre-appointment funding checks to make sure all claims have funding

ICBC and WCB Communications

insuring claims have funding and extensions for claims can be obtained in a timely manner

Online Booking

online booking support, organization of booking system and scheduling assistance as needed

Direct Billing

submission to all major insurance providers and reversals when needed

Accounts Receivable

follow up on billings, make sure all payments are received and accounted for accurately

Insurance Reports

insurance reports sent to your inbox for completion after your appointment with the patient

Integrated Communication System

streamline digital communication between yourself and your virtual admin

And Many More

our services is comprehensive you won't need other help to make sure your business runs smoothly each day

Consent Forms

individualized consent forms created to meet the needs of each allied health professional

Credit Card System

setup of credit card & visa debit payment system to suit clinics your point of sale needs

Teleplan Submissions

setup of practitioner, billing, submissions and accounting of teleplan (MSP) billings

Business Coaching

monthly coaching session to help with growth, planning and business development

"I love how my virtual assistant, Kayla is always there at the other end of the phone texting me or send me reports for my upcoming patients. I start my day knowing all my direct billings are done and I won't have to worry about missed billings or having to follow-up to get paid. I get to focus on providing Physiotherapy and caring for my patients. My stress decreased the moment I signed on with LAB Health ColleKtive" 

~Physio in Victoria, BC